Data Management

  • Our data management employees are well trained and employ effective technology solutions to compile high quality data from the vast data originating in different work areas. Our Data Management offerings include:

 Data Entry Services

  • Our services include compiling company names in a database and the period of each project is driven by the amount of data entry involved.

 Application processing services

  • With precision and time compliance, we can process all types of forms, applications and claims.

 Billing support

  • We easily tackle bill generation and account maintenance for complex services.

 Data conversion Services

  • We restyle unorganized data from one operating system or format it to another. The most favored inputs of data such as PDF, XML, Word Documents, HTML, ASCII can be converted to any preferred format using our multi-level conversion systems.

 Document Management Services

  • We can oversee and digitize any number of documents for a rapidly growing company besides storing and archiving it.